What is the Ternoa Launchpad?
The Ternoa launchpad is the launchpad platform for all projects that exist inside the Ternoa ecosystem. The launchpad grants all CAPS holders who also own a Ternoa wallet direct and exclusive access to a wide range of benefits, including investment opportunities in projects and the ability to earn rewards (tokens and NFTs) for holding CAPS.

At each project launch, $CAPS holders will be able to participate in two activities offered by Launchpad:

  • The Ticket drop (lottery) and access to a pre-sale in the form of NFT;
  • Followed by the start of daily airdrop rewards.
How do I get started?
You simply need to (1) connect with your crypto wallet (i.e. Metamask, WalletConnect), (2) link the latter with your Ternoa wallet, and (3) and hold a minimum balance of 10,000 CAPS (ERC-20 or BEP-20) in your crypto wallet.
Must I own a Ternoa wallet?
Yes. A Ternoa wallet address is required when you first connect to the launchpad. NFT from lucky draw will be sent to your Ternoa wallet.
What is the Ticket Drop?
Each time a new project is released on the Ternoa Launchpad, a lottery takes place. Along with this event, information about the participation in the new project’s private sale will be shared. Lottery participants are eligible to win Lottery Winner NFTs, which give winners the opportunity to participate in a private sale of the project’s token at a discounted price. These NFTs are awarded and distributed directly to each winner’s Ternoa Wallet. Information on the number of winners per lottery will be given shortly before the launch of each project on the launchpad, with the number of winning tickets depending on the tokenomics of the project in question.

Every winner will be able to access the guidelines and details about their allocation in said project by decrypting the Secret inside the Lottery NFT received on their Ternoa Wallet (the one attached to their Ternoa launchpad account).

A lottery takes place shortly after a project’s launch announcement on the platform. The odds of winning are weighted by the volume of CAPS stored on a user’s ERC-20 or BEC-20 wallet that has been connected to the launchpad. The more CAPS a user holds, the higher the odds of winning the lottery.

If you are interested in the Ticket Drop of a project, be sure to connect to the Launchpad and click on “I want to participate”.
Can there be more than one launch at the same time?
No. Each project is accessible online for one month and the project's associated airdrop takes place over a 100 day period. A user who holds CAPS for a full year will be able to participate in between 10 to 12 projects launches and airdrops every year. The Ternoa teams will always have at heart to prioritize quality over quantity.
What happens if I sell all of my CAPS
If you sell all of your CAPS, your holding level will fall to zero, and your connected wallets will no longer be eligible to participate in the upcoming lotteries and airdrops.
Must I have at least 10,000 CAPS in my crypto wallet (i.e. Metamask, WalletConnect)?
Yes. You need to own a minimum of 10,000 CAPS to access the launchpad. The more CAPS you hold the more opportunities you get to earn rewards and win the lotteries, each time a new project launches.
How do airdrops work?
There is one airdrop per project launch on the Ternoa launchpad.
Each airdrop takes place over a 100-day period.
Drops happen daily through a special token created for this purpose, $ProjectCAPS.
Rewards distribution is prorated based on:

  • The volume of CAPS held
  • The holding period of those CAPS stored on the wallet that is connected to the launchpad.
Based on the quantity of CAPS they are holding, users will be able to reach specific levels. The higher the level the higher the daily drop (refer to the next question for more information on the topic of levels).

Also, the longer the CAPS holding period the higher the quota of earned $ProjectCAPS the user can receive. The quota of earned $ProjectCAPS is capped at a holding period of 100 consecutive days. In other words, after having held CAPS for 100 consecutive days, the user will have reached the maximum quota of earned $ProjectCAPS possible. If the volume of CAPS held on the user’s wallet were to decrease, then the user’s holding level would fall down to its historic minimum. Figuratively, think of the CAPS holding period as a magic magnet you’re hanging on to. The longer you’re holding CAPS in your wallet, the bigger the magnet gets. And the longer you’re holding on to the magnet the more rewards are coming your way. In terms of rewards it can attract, this magic magnet reaches its full capacity in 100 days. And what about Golden ticket holders? Well, they automatically double their rewards!

Based on each project’s tokenomics and vesting periods, users will be able to swap $ProjectCAPS into each project’s native token.
How do Levels work?
There are 7 award levels on the launchpad. Your unlocking of a specific level along with its associated awards is contingent on the volume of CAPS stored in your wallet.

* CAPS Bonus is applicable to Level's base amount when airdrop is available
Level 1 (10K CAPS in your wallet):
  • Daily reward multiplier: x1
  • Likeliness to earn an NFT: 1 ticket
  • CAPS Bonus APR: 7%*
Level 2 (100K CAPS):
  • Daily reward multiplier: x12
  • 15 tickets on the lottery to win the NFT launchpad boost for the project launching
  • CAPS Bonus APR: 7.5%*
Level 3 (250K CAPS):
  • Daily reward multiplier: x35
  • 90 tickets on the lottery to win the NFT launchpad boost for the project launching
  • CAPS Bonus APR: 8%*
Level 4 (500K CAPS):
  • Daily reward multiplier: x85
  • 200 tickets on the lottery to win the NFT launchpad boost for the project launching
  • CAPS Bonus APR: 8.5%*
Level 5 (750K CAPS):
  • Daily reward multiplier: x150
  • 800 tickets on the lottery to win the NFT launchpad boost for the project launching
  • CAPS Bonus APR: 9%*
Level 6 (1Mil CAPS):
  • Daily reward multiplier: x225
  • 2000 tickets on the lottery to win the NFT launchpad boost for the project launching
  • CAPS Bonus APR: 9.5%*
Level 7 (2.5Mil CAPS):
  • Daily reward multiplier: x650
  • 3000 tickets on the lottery to win the NFT launchpad boost for the project launching
  • CAPS Bonus APR: 10%*
How can I access my rewards?
Each project remains accessible on the launchpad for one month. Past this deadline, projects are displayed on your dashboard. Each participant is then able to recover his rewards (airdrop) through the $ProjectCAPS token, before swapping the latter into the project’s native token. Naturally rules pertaining to a project’s vesting periods, for example, may apply.
Is it possible to earn rewards from several projects?
Yes. Once you are connected to the launchpad, you’re in the driver seat. You’re not required to do anything except holding your CAPS, or maybe buy a few more to unlock levels to earn more CAPS. This is what we call hold-to-earn.
I have a project in mind. Can I contact Ternoa to pitch it?
Yes. Just fill out the contact form, and one of our team members will reach out to you.