Discover Ternoa's launchpad. Where great projects begin.

To take part in this virtuous ecosystem, with unique opportunities and great rewards, just hold CAPS and start this simple process.

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Discover New Projects

The Ternoa Launchpad allows you to discover new innovative projects carefully selected by Ternoa’s team. By joining the Launchpad’s programs, you will help support these project’s development, and thus contribute to the growth of Ternoa’s ecosystem.

Your Share in the Project

By connecting to the Ternoa Launchpad, you will automatically benefit from each project, getting early-stage access to pre-IDO events and limited edition NFT opportunities. Your chances to obtain these rewards depend on how many CAPS you hold. Meaning the more you hold, the higher your level on the Launchpad, and the higher your chances at earning big!

Earn Passive Income

All who connect to our Launchpad also get the ability to collect passive income thanks to weekly airdrops from each project. The more CAPS you hold, the higher your share of these airdrops.